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"What stands out for me about Colin is the way he is always stepping out of the boat onto the water -- the near total way he has put his life and his talents in God's hands, trusting Him for support and direction and wanting to serve him with his life. I have no doubt that God will continue to use him and his gifts to deepen people's relationship with Christ."

Rev. Ron Reese


Colin Chalmers invites us to focus on the One who rules the universe yet loves us deeply. For His Glory is all about thinking of how we might live our lives to bring God acclaim. It is broken into 30 days of Scripture, application, and prayer.

For His Glory--The Music

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1. I Remember 11. Everybody 21. Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley
2. I Love How 12. Move in Me 22. You Knew What Was to Come
3. The Mind of Christ 13. Like a Tree 23. Closer
4. I Delight in You 14. Who is This Man? 24. I Know that You're Working Now
5. Didn't Know 15. How Much You Care 25. Today Is Your Day
6. Only Our God 16. I Was Lost 26. Every Good
7. Slow Down 17. So Much More 27. For the Man
8. Let Your Glory Shine 18. Make My Life Worship 28. Sound of Sorrows
9. How Long 19. You Go Before Us 29. We Pray For Justice
10. God Everywhere 20. Heaven's Eyes 30. For His Glory

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 This is a wonderful book! Even more wonderful in that all the glory does go to God! Ruth Hannah, author of A New Day

Colin Chalmers is a writer, musician, and father living near Santa Cruz, CA. He enjoyed the study of both music and Bible in college, and continues to delight in knowing God and making Him known.